Instinctive Business – shifting the shape of  the workplace 

As a leader are you feeling frustrated, stressed or stuck with your workplace? Instinctive Business can help you shape your workplace during times of change and navigate the shift to a more positive and productive workplace.

Whatever your situation, from start-ups, transformations, turnarounds to restructures, instinctive workplace solutions equip you with insight and strategies to get traction and shape a better workplace and work life.

Work with me to shape up your workplace 

Instinctive Business ‘i’ looks at the workplace as a whole and from a different angle, joining the dots and making connections long before others are aware of what is going on or simply will not say. Instinctive workplace solutions are insightful, practical and sustainable.


Workplace Reviews

Inherited a workplace that’s gone pear shaped? Left to clean up someone else’s mess? Got a sense of unease that all may not be as it appears? Difficult change strategy? Put your mind to rest with an instinctive Workplace Review to help you get ahead of the game. Can you afford to wait?
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Workplace Projects

Engage Instinctive Business to help power up your workplace projects with workplace expertise. Whatever your challenge or situation, strengthen your capabilities to get your workplace in the best possible shape.
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Workplace Consultations

A quick one-off or a few sessions will help you deal with what’s going on in your workplace. Whether you want to stay in your workplace or move to another I can help you shape up your work life to get where you want to be.
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Engage Instinctive Business to receive workplace expertise grounded with real experience within workplaces.  Those who listen, really feel the benefits.  Contact Jennifer Straughan on 0400 225 636.