Why i

Here are some good reasons why you would choose to engage Instinctive Business to shift shape 


I have significant experience acquired from working at the coal face in workplaces – not from the sidelines as a protected species. I know the signs, behaviours and dynamics to look out for and can help you play to your strengths and avoid the pitfalls.


I adopt an integrated approach to the workplace which incorporates three key  aspects – energy, people and culture, strategy and structure. Equipped with experience and workplace expertise I craft grounded and practical solutions that help you navigate a workplace shift.


I am highly intuitive and skilled at reading the energy of your workplace. By penetrating workplace mirages and smokescreens, understanding what is not being said and seeing what lies beyond the horizon is one way that I can get “cut through’ to the truth of what is going on so you can create a better workplace.


My purpose is to help create better workplaces and work lives. I help leaders who truly want their workplace to evolve. With an innate ability to get to the core issues and say it as it is, I help take the fear and stress out of the workplace, bring understanding and meaning to the chaos and help create better workplaces and work lives.


I understand that workplaces and workplace issues are sensitive and they are treated as such.

Ready to shift shape? 

Whatever shape your workplace is in, if you want insight and workplace expertise to get traction call Jennifer Straughan on 0400 225 636.