Workplace Consultations

Workplace consultations help you to deal with what’s going on in your workplace or take flight to another.

When you know what is really going on in your workplace you are better equipped to deal with it. An instinctive workplace consultation will help shape up your work life whether you chose to stay in your workplace or move to another.

Workplace consultations – one-off sessions for leaders

The world of work is rapidly changing; however, some workplace behaviours have not been as quick to evolve. Some have not evolved at all. As a leader, if you’re feeling frustrated, stressed, stuck and overwhelmed with a workplace conundrum and the antics in your workplace I can help.

In a one off session (1.5 hours) I listen to the issues you are dealing with and provide insight and guidance equipping you with tactics to help you navigate your workplace situation.

Here are some typical scenarios you may recognise:

  • Your workplace is not working the way you would like and its distracting you from the business at hand
  • You have a sense that all is not as it should be
  • You feel like the runt of the executive litter, on the outer and run the risk of being kicked out of the nest.
  • Wanting to connect in a more meaningful way with your people and team
  • Needing insight and expertise for a challenging workplace strategy so you can navigate seamlessly ‘in the dark’.

Depending on your situation a one off session may be all you need to help you deal with the problem at hand. 

Workplace consultations – career coaching for individuals

In either a one off session or three 1.5 hour sessions I work with you to help you shape your work life. I can help you with the following:

  • Personal branding
  • Tailored resume
  • Linked in profile.

Having helped hundreds of people I can help you to get where you want to go.

After working with me you will have a more clear and confident path ahead of you.


Ready to shape up your work life? Contact me on 0400 225 636.