Workplace Reviews

A workplace solution for pear shaped workplaces and a health check if you are uncertain

Every leader wants their workplace to work and in the best possible shape. The workplace, however, constantly changes shape and not always into the shape you like. When you know what shape your workplace is truly in you are better equipped to deal with it.

Sometimes you don’t know what has caused the shift in shape as it can be hidden under the surface or amongst teams and down many layers. Many factors including continuous change, covert behaviour, leadership style, lack of capabilities and poor communication affect the performance, productivity and morale of the workplace. This is reflected in KPIs such as absenteeism, turnover and productivity and engagement surveys.

By reviewing your workplace I provide insight and strategies to help you get to the cause, deal with the critical factors and reshape your workplace so you are not wasting time tinkering around the edges. That way you and your team can get back to the business at hand.

When should you consider an instinctive Workplace Review?

  • If you have a sense of unease that things are not as they should be
  • When you think that your workplace could be more efficient
  • When you inherit a workplace that has gone pear shaped – negative or dysfunctional
  • If you are facing into a new strategy or project and need to be ship shape
  • When the antics of your workplace are affecting your reputation as a leader
  • If you want to reduce the level of risk within your workplace

What is an instinctive Workplace Review?

An instinctive Workplace Review provides insight that reveals what is really going on in your workplace and the crucial elements needed to be addressed to shift shape. I look at the big picture and get down into the details, seeing things from a different angle that others may not be able to see so quickly or simply will not say. A Workplace Review examines three key aspects of the workplace:

  • Workplace energy – what does the vibe and the collective energy say about the workplace?
  • People, behaviours and dynamics – how are people behaving, what aren’t they saying and what are the dynamics within the workplace?
  • Strategy and structure – do the structures support your strategy, are they an impediment to progress or do they simply need to be refined?

How I approach your workplace

I approach each workplace with a methodical but instinctive approach as no two workplaces are the same. I meet with you to listen to the issues you are dealing with and your concerns. An approach is then agreed upon that is tailored to meet the needs of your workplace. An instinctive Workplace Review requires me to be present in your workplace for a period of time in whatever form that takes – working together on a project, interacting with your people or focus groups.

What results will you receive?

You will receive a short report which I will go through with you so are truly across the critical factors, actions to be taken and the path forward. This may include:

  • What is working and what is not – strengths and weaknesses
  • Key factors and issues affecting the energy of the workplace
  • Why people are behaving the way they are and what is shaping their behaviors
  • The crucial people elements to be addressed to create the ‘shift’ and reduce risk
  • Mechanisms to leverage current strengths and to prepare for what lies ahead.

How long will it take?

Each workplace is different but the length will be negotiated in the scope at the beginning..

Who is an instinctive Workplace Review for?

An instinctive Workplace Review is suitable for leaders who need to take immediate action, are troubled by the status quo of their workplace or a facing into a critical strategy and need to be ship shape. Sometimes, they may be in specific areas or “hot spots” that present significant risk to the business.

Workplace examples

  • A civil and mining project in a remote location had gone pear shaped. The brief was to partner with the project director to turnaround the workplace, cut into and address dysfunctional behaviours and dynamics and help deliver the project in full and on time to the client.
  • A global manufacturing business needed help to reshape a department. The brief was to work with the CEO to help address the behaviour of a recalcitrant director and undertake a workplace review. The review identified gaps and key issues and provided recommendations to reenergise the workplace.
  • An aged-care facility had gone from a long-term harmonious and family-oriented workplace into a toxic and dysfunctional workplace during the implementation of an EA that brought the facility close to the brink. The brief was to work with the director during a tumultuous period of industrial activity, turn the business around and shift shape back to a harmonious state.

Contact me

Workplaces are dynamic and constantly change shape – sometimes not always into the shape you would like. If your workplace is challenged or flat lined contact me on 0400 225 636.